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My Story & #Warrior Women Movement
March 3o, 2018

Welcome to episode 1 of Fierce Fridays here at The Healthy Fix! Today, I will dive deeper into my story of abuse and why, how I started #WarriorWomenMovement. I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years and it took everything in me to find my inner warrior to get out of it. This became the whole reason to why I started my movement.

The Bikini Strikes Back
March 28, 2018

In this SUPER SIZED episode, Sam will be telling us about her bikini competitions, the diet, the workout, and what it felt like. Discussing all the ups and downs of being a competitor. Although it is seemingly healthy, Jenna will explain to us why it is actually not a healthy approach.

Body Positivity
February 28, 2018

The movement that is sweeping across social media, Body Positivity. What is it and how can you extend body positivity beyond just self image? We dive deep into the definition of this "new" movement. How being body positive extends into all aspects of life and is not just sitting accepting the way your body is. It goes beyond and deeper than just the surface.


Warrior Women Movement

I empower women through martial arts to live a Kick-Ass life! Activating your inner warrior!


Healthish Blog

What you don't hear on the podcast! Daily musings, food ventures, and traveling the world. Read all about them here!