7 Day New Year Kick Start

7 Day New Year Kick Start


It's Sam of @bodysamantix and thank you for downloading my e-book! Are you ready to kick 2018 in the butt?! Congratulations for taking the first few steps to a healthier Fit Body, Fit Mind!

What to expect in this Booklet?

I have written you a detailed 7 day meal plan. Yes, you heard that right, 7 full days of meals including recipes that are lean, green, and not mean. You also get 4 workouts that you can do anywhere and with minimal equipment (or none at all). I’ve also included a SAMantix approved healthy sweet treat you can nibble on, you’re welcome ;)  This is the perfect way to jump start the new year! Getting you in the proper headspace to working your way to a new you!

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