Game of Thrones- Season 7 Premiere Feast

Dinner is Coming...

Game of Thrones- Season 7 Feast- Sorry no sound due to copyright. Just image the theme song playing!


Many seasons ago, when it was still a long summer, two girls started a tradition, Game of Thrones night. Upon this eve, they sat and watched the latest episode of the series. On the third night, one girl was out shopping and discovered an ale... a red ale with a dragon emblazoned on it's bottle. From hence for they started to drink the ale of the Ommegang, collect the bottles and continue the tradition hence forth. One night they did attempt to have A Bloody Feast with Theon GreyJoy's favorite toy as the main dish. From that point on it became a meal and a show every Sunday eve. Continue through the seasons and potentially growing bigger as we enter season 7...
Along with the founding two, Anastasia and I, Mark is there (added is Season 5), we have also invited Rainier and Elena. This premiere Mark wanted to try his hand at prime rib, so why not do this, have a bunch of people over AND drink all the Ommegang beer (we had 5 to drink). 

The Decorations:
A few weeks before July 16th, I get the idea to start decorating. We had just gotten these marvelous chalkboard placemats and serving plates from Crate & Barrel that were just begging to be drawn on. I also had a chalkboard menu easel to write out on. On our big dining table we have 3 glass lanterns as centerpieces and I get the brilliant idea to fill each glass with a dragon egg. 


Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I discovered a way to make my own dragon eggs using a styrofoam egg, flat push pins, and paint. Off to Michael's I go and grab all my essentials for this "quick" weekend project. I grab small eggs knowing these will fit into the lanterns better and almost all the push pins they have. I then pin away at this egg. I get partway through the second egg and run out of pins and also realized I didn't pick up enough paint. Back I go to Michael's! By the end of the night I had used almost 700 push pins and 3 coats of paint on each egg. I pulled up replicas of the Dany's dragon eggs to match them as best as I could and was extremely pleased at how well they came out.

The chalkboard menu and placemats were by far my favorite to do though. If you have chalkboard at home, find a chalkboard marker, this is WAY better than plain old chalk and gives you the freedom to write beautifully and still wipe away if you mess up. With markers in hand, Game of Thrones font pulled up on the computer, I sit and right to the best of my ability each and every placemat's saying. Granted I only had 5, but it took a lot to figure out something clever and funny, as well as make my handwriting look good. Now for the menu, I actually came up with the name's of everything and then planned the dishes (I'll divulge more on that next), with the exception of "Theon's Special..." and "The Boar That Killed King Robert. 


The odds and ends of the decorations, were the final finishing touches to be added. Pieces I was able to pull together mainly with what I had. As the pictures above show that Jon Snow makes an appearance, he was a gift from an old client, I had managed to keep with me all these years. My wildfire jar was a cheap jar I bought from Michael's during Halloween and says "Bone Dust" underneath my printed "Wildfire" sign. To add the additional glowing green to it by dad happened to have battery powered LED string lights and fit perfectly in the jar. Honestly, invest in these fun little lights, they are an awesome decoration (my sister gave me the pink ones that sat next to the menu)! 
The Ommegang "Bend The Knee" beer added to the additional centerpieces, all three with the house crests of Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. 

The menu:

This is where Mark got to express his fun and creativity. I honestly didn't think he'd play along much, but once he saw everything starting to come together and what I had put on the menu to make, well the cookbook got to flex it's cover a lot. I will start from the top of the menu and break down each piece.


Theon's Special...

The starting dish that Mark came up with. Seeing the glass domes and wanting to serve something special within, he thought of a red starter soup. The first thought was, tomato soup, but not quite bloody red. The next he found a strawberry soup, but an ingredient in it was just going to take too much time since we were about half a day out from the meal. I suggested a good ole Borscht, commonly known as Beet Soup. And away he went on to devise a delicious cold starter soup, while I sat brainstorming what the heck to call it. Finally settling on 'Theon's Special...' leaving it to the imagination really. Poor Theon has gotten some horrible treatment and thus lost a lot of blood and other things... so how fitting would a blood red soup be? Mark adorned it with plenty of little garnishes to be mixed in and add more depth of flavors, but also topped with a finger breadstick, a remaining piece of Theon. 


The Boar That Killed King Robert

Yes, I know that Prime Rib isn't from a boar, but shhhhh, we had to make it work. Since this was the main course that was pre planned, everything else revolved around it. Mark seared and sous vide the massive slab of meat (I don't remember the amount of time) and made his own sauce to accompany it. 

Lannister Golden Potato Medallions

Simply, golden potatoes roasted with salt, pepper and garlic pieces (you have to have potatoes with your red meat!). The Lannister's do love their gold ;)

Winterfell Winter Greens

The Starks do know how to prepare well for winter with all their winter green vegetables (although we used some summer ones). Roasted as well with salt, pepper, and just a hint of sugar to bring out the flavors. To round out all the heavy found we were consuming. 


Hot Pie's Bread Rolls

So, we did not know Hot Pie would be returning this season, which was a happy coincidence! But Mark makes brilliant sweet dinner rolls, that when soaked in the prime rib sauce.... HEAVENLY! 

High Garden's Blueberry Pie

homemade blueberry jam that went wrong (it never solidified) so being a compote we ground up some tea cookies, placed in the bottom of a ramekin, filled with blueberry compote, covered in homemade whip cream, and finally topped with more cookie crumbs. We did bake the bottom layer and blueberries to warm it up. A delicious summery treat straight from the bountiful gardens of High Garden. The picture doesn't do it any justice really! 


Tyrion's Best Ale

As we all know, Tyrion drinks and he knows things. The more ale the more we know! Ommegang came out with THREE bottles of the same beer, with all the remaining houses competing for the Iron Throne. They not only tasted good they were awesome center pieces to adorn the dragon eggs. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

We did have a second mini party two weeks later with our friends Andrew and Amanda and their baby Aubrey. It was a smaller scale (sorry no pictures, lots of things going on), we had Hot Pie's Bread Salad, topped with Chicken A La Wildfire (roasted chicken), and a side of The Mountain's Crushed Potatoes (mashed). Finishing with a blueberry cobbler, once again we had left over blueberries for jamming thus making a variation of a summer sweet treat. 

After all said and done, the 7th season now coming to a quick end, the question has been posed many a times, "How are you going to top yourself for next season, the finale?" I don't know but I have a year to plan and more people to invite. Luckily the food is probably the easiest part, with Mark loving to cook, I can come up with clever names, it's just the decorations. For the ongoing theme of constantly topping myself, this being the final season, and now more people have seen what happens on premiere night.... the heat is on! AH! 

If you have any suggestions as to what I should do, please comment below! I'd love to hear if you have done this as well! Valar Morghulis.