Chiang Mai Cooking Class


Thailand- December 2016
After Bangkok we headed up to Chiang Mai, northern region of Thailand. On this venture we learned that each region of Thailand has its own unique flavors and dishes. They vary from place to place. So not only were we excited to try new flavors but to go to The Chiang Mai Thai Farm Cooking School (I don't know why it had such a ridiculously long name). 

The idea of this Cooking School was that first you get to explore a traditional Thai market place. Mark, his dad, and I took a special liking to the raw meat section. I'm half Philippino, so I am quite used to seeing all parts of a dead animal, Asians have a 'waste nothing' rule. Anyways, from here we are shuttled to a quaint little farm with outdoor kitchens. 
Here we get to pick to learn not just 1 traditional Thai meal but 6! Yes, you read that correctly, 6 separate meals.

Here's what we had to choose from (picking 1 of each category):


1. Green, Red, or Yellow Curry with Chicken
2. Tom Yam Soup with Shrimp or Tom Kaa Gai with Chicken
3. Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Sweet and Sour Chicken or Tofu, or Fried Chicken with Basil Leaves
4. Springrolls or Papaya Salad
5. Pad Thai or Pad Si - Ew
6. Bananas in Coconut Milk or Mango with Sticky Rice

What the heck do we choose?! Mark and I came up with the clever way of choosing what the other did not, so we could get to taste almost everything and learn to bring it home with us. His family played along as well, so we really got to try every dish. 


Our funny chef for the day was so aptly named, Yummy. He was quite a character and taught us if we add more spice to our dishes it would be 'more sexy.' In traditional Thai food, you actually add your 'sexiness' into your dish yourself at the table. It is not traditionally done in the kitchen. So, you will know when you are at an authentic restaurant when they have a load of spices on the table for you to add in 'sexy.' Quite smart actually since we all have our own level of 'sexy.' HAHA, for example; Mark likes his with quite a kick and I prefer mine with just a mild kick. 
We even got to bring Yummy home with us, I signed recipe book! 
To be honest, we did not try out any of these recipes again till 8 months later... see that blog here.

After all is said and done. This was hands done one of the most unique experiences we had. If you ever travel to Thailand, GO to The Chiang Mai Thai Farm Cooking Class. You will not be disappointed. You will also find this 5 hour class extremely nice on the wallet.