Manresa- a 3 Star Michelin Restaurant tucked into downtown Los Gatos, California. Off the normal walkway, it made it feel like it was secluded and exclusive. Setting the mood for a unique dining experience. 

This was our second- 3 star Michelin Restaurant of 2018, yes, I realize how pretentious that sounds, but we love food. Mark and I went with his parent's, to celebrate his mom's birthday. I honestly did not want to write this blog post which is why it took me 2 months to get it done. It was not our favorite experience. It could have been multiple reasons why we didn't like it. Maybe it was "The Winter Garden" menu. Maybe it was the wait staff and atmosphere that spoiled the food. Maybe we just went at the wrong time. Just a couple of factors that could've weighed in our experience. 


The atmosphere of Manresa, on the inside, was surprisingly very casual. We were all a little shocked to see waiters not matching and their jackets were oversized, highly unusual for an expensive dining experience. Their attitudes weren't any better either!  Every time we would ask about a dish, they made it feel like we weren’t supposed to be asking them. God forbid we wanted to know a bit more about these surprise dishes. On top of that they awkwardly butted into our conversations. I personally don’t mind if you interject into our conversation, but don’t be rude about it. Again, back to their attitude, which only got worse as the dishes got worse. Planned? For humors sake, Let’s say, yes. Just to make this experience more enjoyable lol.

Manresa is also known for its bakery and of course they will serve you bread from their bakery (only thing I didn’t take a picture of) and this was the ONLY thing we liked. Even though the waiter told us some weird information about the bread, which made no sense. If you don’t know, Mark LOVES baking bread. He is self taught, has done a ton of research and experiments with bread, yeast, and timing. Forgive me, I don’t remember what the waiter said but it even sounded funny to me. Which led us to believe that they weren’t fully briefed or prepared for questions.  

Unlike my previous posts, I won’t go in depth about the dishes. They were all about the same. Nothing stood out, nothing quite unique. Well, the squab was. None of us knew what squab was and asking that question to the waiters, they made us feel stupid for not knowing that it was like a quail. To me, a squab sounded like a fantastic beast studied by Newt Scamander in a J.K. Rowling book. The dishes didn’t pop. We didn’t walk away wishing we could’ve eaten a whole meal of a certain dish. The desserts were oddly savory, that’s coming from someone with a sweet tooth looking for all the cookies and chocolate. 

Sadly, after I posted that we were at Manresa, I had a few friends ask about it and I felt bad telling them that it wasn’t the best. I didn’t want to shoot down their dreams of going. Which is why I said it could’ve been the time of year being the reason we didn’t enjoy the food. The service is a different story.

Samantha RodgersComment