Thanksgiving: The Survival Kit

This is the roughest time of the year, food is everywhere, including an enormous amount of the sweet yet deadly COOKIES! So how do you navigate around all this without having to cut it out completely? Below is a way to monitor your food intake during that glorious feast without having to cut out what you love most. There is also a "Just In Case You Over Did It" plan to help you recover after your night of feasting. 

Let's use your hands as a great way to measure! This is for 1 serving. It's tempting to over eat, with this way you get to have everything but a taste of it all without missing out. 


Palm Size: 3oz of Turkey

This does not mean you stack your palm high with slices of turkey, you don't want to go above 1 inch


Fist Size: 1 cup Mashed Potatoes

Half Fist Size: 1/2 cup Casseroles & Stuffing


2 Handfuls or Size of an Egg: 1/4 cup Cranberry Sauce & Gravy

Ok, please don't actually pour this into your hands, haha! Don't think your family will like that, so you'll have to eyeball it!

Thumb Tip: 1 teaspoon of Butter

Please limit yourself to 1 dinner roll for this and just 1 teaspoon of butter!

1/6th of an 8" Pie

Yes, you even get a slice of PIE! Enjoy the day, don't make yourself suffer.


Just in case you didn't follow the above plan or the food just didn't make you feel fantastic... try detoxing. No, I don't mean starve yourself and ONLY drink water or some special juice, that is THE WORST thing you could do for your body. It is important to keep going as if it was any normal day. 

Water! And lots of It!

This will help you flush out any toxins in the body and eliminate water weight. 

Fruits & Veggies! 

They are your best friends! After all that Thanksgiving food your body will be lacking good nutrients and you'll want to replenish yourself with nutrient dense foods. Also, load up on some Vitamin C rich fruits to help boost your immune system. This is where you can ADD IN a juice, just beware the sugar content.



The best thing you can do is workout. Whatever it may be; running, lifting, pilates, yoga, or, cycling. Keeping your body moving will help you feel less groggy and continue to push out those unwatned toxins and deliver the nutrient dense foods back into your system faster!

This little guide will help you get through any holiday feast. Keep in mind, if you do slip up, it's ok, life still goes on. Don't punish yourself for it. 

Samantha RodgersComment