Watermelon Cleanse

As promised here are my thoughts, opinions and diet I followed for this summer melony cleanse.

So, I have never done a cleanse before. I grew up watching my mom do them every so often, yet I did not see the point of one. Even as I went to school, learned more about nutrition and went through my competitions, I still saw no point in doing a cleanse because I firmly believe in eating food. 

Now this cleanse my client and I went on is specified as a "mono diet" or eating one type of food. Read more here -------->

I'm sure you are thinking, "Omg, one food for 3 days... how on Earth?" Ya, we thought the same thing, still do. It was really hard and very boring. I honestly thought it'd be a bit easier because it is summer, I don't really have an appetite when it's 100 degrees outside so this should be a piece of cake or should I say "a slice of watermelon". It wasn't. I'll go into more detail below.

Why did we start this? 

As I told my client, "it's an experiment!" It really was. It's something new, challenging and if done correctly, good for you. It tested both our willpowers and cleansed our systems.

How is it good?

The watermelon cleanse can help reboot your system, reduce inflammation, clear out the liver and kidneys (pushing out toxins), and clear the skin. These are all great benefits for your body, especially if you've been away at college eating crappy food or even on a trip and been eating really rich, heavy foods. It can help you with portion control and self control. I was getting quite sick and bored of my regular food and after this cleanse I can't wait to eat real food. So in that sense it did definitely help. 


Please don't look at this as a way to lose weight fast. Look at it as I stated above or as a way to jump start a clean eating lifestyle. I advised my client not to weigh herself as to not get discouraged or her hopes up because you loose water weight first and gain it back usually. You really are cleaning your insides out, that is all. To my clients and workout addicts; please do not workout hard while on a cleanse! You are consuming WAY less calories then you are used to, so this should be done on a rest weekend. This cleanse does confine you to the house due to the fact that you have to pee so much and watermelon is impossible to cart around with you if you are having an active weekend. Lastly, you can ease into a cleanse or jump right on in but you MUST ease yourself back into real food since you are adding calories back into your diet and don't want to gain more weight. More information is in the links below. 

My Thoughts/Opinions

Honestly, I won't be doing this again. If I do, it'll be a modified version where I can eat more food. The first day was extremely hard, I jumped right on in, while my client eased into hers. I was lethargic and had a headache all day. My client on the other hand was the same way but on the second day (Saturday). Second and third day became a lot easier, had a lot more energy but was really sick of watermelon and everything smelled 20 times more delicious. This truly tested my will power more than competition diet I think. I couldn't wait to eat real food again. I ended up having a banana on the third day around 3pm, which my dog decided she wanted to have some as well and tried to eat the peel while I wasn't looking. For dinner, I made a taco salad consisting of: Organic Ground Bison, Beanitos Chips (gluten free chips made from beans), Spring lettuce (the greener, the better!), and a minuscule sprinkle of cheese. Probably the happiest I've ever been to eating a salad and I don't like salads. 

I don't feel much of a difference in my body. I'm sure I cleared some toxins out though from the amount of peeing I was doing and how much water I was eating :P

The fast/cleanse that I followed:

Here is a longer diet/cleanse that you can follow:

Please feel free to try a cleanse for yourself. Just make sure you do your research!

Stay thirsty and healthy my friends!