Anastasia's Success Story

Decide Dedicate Discipline

Anastasia came to me in the beginning of the year inquiring to lose 50 pounds. She thought this was an unattainable goal. Little did she know that within 6 months she would actually reach it.

She came to me in January for a consultation but wasn’t going to start till February and it was only going to be once a week. Now to be completely honest, I doubted she would be back because I encountered (still do) many potential clients who say they will start and never do. So when she emailed me confirming our time slot (which had been taken by another client) I was excited and luckily it worked in our schedules to see her on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.

After 4 sessions of tough workouts and geeky talks about Game of Thrones, she decided to start coming twice a week and come to my Yoga Fusion class. She asked more about diet, I gave her handouts and she started a major lifestyle change.

 Anastasia's original artwork

Anastasia's original artwork

In June, Anastasia moved over to my online program, more cost friendly. She was able to add an extra workout day and an extra yoga day. She was able to workout in the comfort of her home and using her motivation to keep her going, helping her become independent in her workouts. I still checked in with her, made sure she was still working hard without me there watching and the scale definitely proved that. I did worry about her working out from home and losing her momentum. But Anastasia proved me wrong every 2 weeks when she weighed in and consistently dropped weight without even hitting a plateau! She was like a snake, shedding the pounds right off of her.


Below are the questions I have asked her about her whole journey and her views, thoughts, and feelings on it all.


1.     What made you want to start working out?

I got tired of feeling like shit all the time. I tried losing weight before on my own but it wasn’t working. I couldn’t do it on my own and knew I needed help. It all just clicked for me.

2.     Why did you decide to increase your time?

I knew it wasn’t enough. It was a good start for me, easing into it. Hadn’t been doing shit for a long time but it was time to get serious and wanted to get results!

3.     How was the lifestyle change for you? (mainly diet)

A lot easier than I thought. Mentally I was ready for a change. Once I started feeling better it made it much easier. My migraines were fewer and farther apart, way less intense. Which was a big thing for me.

Meal prepping I tried to make as easy as possible for me, I’m not a cook. I used frozen veggies I could pop in the microwave. I used Tupperware to bring my lunches to work. I always had groceries in the house, which helped avoid temptations.

Before I knew I had lost 10 pounds I felt more energetic and happier, that gave me motivation. I began sleeping better too.

4.     Why did you decide to do yoga?

I always wanted to try it. Didn’t feel in shape enough to do it though. As I upgraded to twice a week, you offered Yoga Fusion, I thought: why not!

After the first class I liked it. Driving home I was like, “Oh shit man I feel amazing! All stretched out and shit.” I started fucking loving it as I noticed to get more flexible. It helped me set more small goals with nailing poses, which are fun to work towards. Plus I always feel great afterwards!

  Anastasia's original artwork

Anastasia's original artwork

5.     How did you feel at the halfway (25lbs lost) mark?

At the time was when I could really see the difference in how I looked. Didn’t see it so much with 10 pounds. A little after that but this was the point where I looked in the mirror and I could really fucking SEE that; Whoa look how far I’ve come.

I honestly didn’t think I’d make it past 10 or 15 pounds. When I walked in but I figured I’d try at least. Losing 50 pounds felt like a pipe dream at the time but at the halfway mark I knew I was going to do it eventually.

6.     How do you feel so close to your goal? (Down 46.5lbs as of August 6th)

Excited! Nervous! For a long time I never thought I’d get this far. Don’t know what’s after this (gonna be uncharted territory for me man) but for the first time in a long time I’m excited for what’s ahead of me even if it gives me the heebie jeebies. I may have to weigh myself in the middle of nowhere just in case I yell. 

7.     How did you feel about the watermelon cleanse?

Okay soooo since I had never done a cleanse before (I've always been skeptical of them and thought I lacked the willpower anyway) I decided to ease into this one by starting with replacing half my breakfast and half of my lunch with watermelon...then all watermelon until lunch time on Sunday (this started friday). It wasn't so bad the first day although when I worked out that night it was a lot harder than usual so I could already tell I was running kinda low on fuel I guess. Saturday I was tired all damn day and had a constant migraine (I get them when I get tired so I wasn't surprised). Didn't work out....didn't do much of anything but eat fucking watermelon. I took a 2 hour nap later in the day to try and sleep off my headache but it didn't work.  By the end of the night my head hurt so bad I couldn't focus so I went to bed. Sunday I felt better than I had the day before but was still a little tired. I introduced grapes back in with lunch. Ate normal food again at dinner and it was the best thing ever. Never thought I'd love a salad so much! By the end I felt light as a feather probably because there was nothing left in my damn body. I mostly did it just to see if I could do exercise in willpower more than a desire to do a cleanse

8.     How do you feel now that you’ve hit your goal?

Very happy! Never thought I’d get down 50lbs but past a certain point I knew it was going to happen and it did! All my pants are falling off me, not very classy for work. But I can fit into my "Miranda Jeans" (for any of you Sex and the City fans out there you know what she means by that, but to those who aren't they are her "skinny jeans." That mythical pair of pants you keep hoping that one day you'll fit back into them.) Plus you knocked a whole "D" off of me! No more Double D's!

9.     So what’s in store now?

It’s uncharted territory to me now. It’s not about the number anymore. It’s about being healthy not skinny. Its going to be hard to set goals now, but they’ll definitely be more yoga goals. And definitely get more toned and fit comfortably in a size 8 since I am right on the cusp of a 10 and 8.

10.     It’s common for people to stop once they hit their goal, is that you?

No, I want to keep going, keep moving forward man. I don’t want to go back to how I was. Plus, I love doing yoga and will keep at it.

11.     Any advice?

I hope someone reads this and they know that they can do it. They don’t have to be stuck in an unhappy place. I didn’t realize I was until I started and began feeling better.

But you have to be ready for it, you can’t just jump up and do it.

So what was her measurements and where is she at now?

                  Start Weight: 203lbs                                          Current Weight: 153lbs

            Start Pants: Sz 16                                               Current Pants: Sz 10

            Start Shirt: Sz XL                                               Current Shirt: Sz M/L

            Start Bra: Sz 38DD                                            Current Bra: Sz 38D


I am beyond ecstatic for Anastasia's success! I can't believe how far she has come and what else is in store for her. To see her blossom in these past 7 months is mind blowing. As she mentioned earlier, she kept setting little goals for herself and busting through them. To anyone who is looking to lose weight and has struggled in the past can take confidence in themselves that it can be done. The key though: The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. That is exactly what Anastasia did.

 Rocking her first yoga goal: Crow Pose

Rocking her first yoga goal: Crow Pose

The 3 D's to her success:




She was ready for a change and she made it happen for herself. Yes, changing your life is scary and tough, but Anastasia shows us that it can be done and it doesn't have to be torturous. Although she'll beg to differ with the workouts I gave her, but we made them fun, had many good laughs and cracked many jokes. I am over the moon happy that I was able to help her on this journey and continuing to help her reach more of her goals. 

 Anastasia's original artwork

Anastasia's original artwork