What is a Health Coach?

A health coach helps you make informed decisions and helps you create goals within reasonable time frames. I am a fitness expert specializing in fitness and nutrition. I combine these two worlds to bring you a new coaching experience. I give you the tools to help create a healthier more balanced version of yourself. I will help you find that work/life/fitness balance, Creating a Fit Body, Fit Mind. When the mind is balanced everything else falls into place.

How?- The Approach

I help you become more self aware of what your body needs. Sometimes we don’t listen closely enough to it and end up neglecting our bodies. I show you how to listen to your body. Address certain stressors in your life, and how to healthily approach them. Then create attainable goals and lifestyle changes. No crazy diets or workout plans. Simply what works for you. We will meet weekly to assess and if we need to tweak anything, we will. Don't get discouraged, it's a process and you will get to your goals. 


The Healthy Choice-

All humans were created equal, but not all bodies were. The myth busting on fad diets. What works for you may not actually work for someone else. That’s why there will be no diet planning here. More so of an education process to find out what is best for YOU, not what worked best for Sally Mae. Nutrition always sounds scary one someone tells you what you can and cannot eat. I on the other hand will show you WHY those foods won’t necessarily work for you. Give you the tools to not beat yourself up over some “bad choices” you made.

Rather than write you a diet plan, that may fall to the wayside in  a few months, I will show you how to find and pick healthy foods and explain to you why some foods may not work for you. Giving you a healthy lifestyle change that will stick!