Shop Your Closet Week 4

AHHHH! Week 4 over and 3 days to spare in the month! Sprint to the finish!

Let me start off by saying, yes, I broke down and shopped (I had a gift card!!!). None of my items that I bought were worn until the very end of my challenge. To ensure I wore everything I have owned. I ended up with A LOT of extra shirts, most printed shirts which I wear for certain occasions. And a handful of leggings, I will wrap this all up in the following blog post.

Day 1

What worked:  First off, I hate the picture I took on the right :( but love the one on the left! I normally pair my promotional tee with plain black leggings to make it pop more. That day unfortunately it was pouring rain and I had my hand me down jacket/vest from my client. It was a decently cute ensemble!

Day 2

What worked: A sunny day after the rain! So had to JUMP into the sun for this picture. I LOVE the print of the pants but I bought in a size 2 (normally a 4 in leggings). The bra is more of a crop and is sometimes uncomfortable to wear with a shirt over it. Both those items were impulse on sale purchases (again like I mentioned in my last post, I have to stop doing that! Because these weren't the right size and the bra should've been thought out more). I always pair these two together but with a black shirt (again, never realized how often I wear black shirts) but white works just as well!

Day 3

  • Tank: Lululemon Flow and Go Tank (Blue)
  • Pants: Lululemon High Times Tech Mesh (Star Crushed Coal)

What worked: Two prized pieces of mine! The mesh pants are actually my second pair, my sister stole my flat black ones and bought me my replacements (seen below). The tank I LOVE, but my only issue is the halter neck top, pulls a lot on my neck and gets uncomfortable, so during my off hours I remove the strap. I actually never pair these two together and was decently impressed with it. Might've gone for a different top another time.

Day 4

What worked: Studio pants... need I say more! My second pair I bought on sale right before this challenge. I waited 4 years to finally buy another pair! I do size down to a 2 for these so I don't swim in them too much. Purple isn't quite my color but I love this dark cherry/magenta. And just like they are named, they are perfect for the studio! I wore them to teach 4 classes at Sculpt50 and was comfy as hell! These are not the lined ones because I will layer these instead. Now for the top... Alo yoga, I am not impressed with your Forever 21 quality tops for the price of Lululemon. Most of the shirts I have gotten from them fall apart or hems are totally uneven. What a waste! But this simple shirt with mesh adds some fun to the pants and transitioned into an out to dinner shirt. 

Day 5

What worked: Not my favorite tank. I saw all the Alo yoga girls wearing these and they looked so cute and stylish... on them. Not too hot about it on me. I don't know why but it just wasn't doing it for me, it always sits at the bottom of my drawer. I normally pair this with the Alo Yoga bra (also a bad option) but the LLL bras are a much better option here. I can't argue about my leggings except my dog is shedding and I had hair ALL over me! This was also another instance that I wish I had black shoes...  hmmmm.

Day 6

What worked: This was my "it's Monday, I'm cold, I don't GIVE A F*CK" Outfit. The leggings are Luon and felt slightly warmer and cozy. My top I thought I bought in a 2... was a 4. Just too big for me (tanks that don't have a bra in it I size down to a 2 for a less swimming look). The bra I just picked up randomly without much thought. Can you tell it was a Monday? I threw on my white crew and white vest (which I hadn't worn in awhile and also because it's hard to pair with all the blue I own). And here you have my sloppy yoga/pilates look. Separetlye I love all these pieces, just not together.

Day 7

What worked: Ok, I cheated. I had worn the tank and pants before. But hadn't paired this fleecey sweater with it. Perfect for 6am yoga, training clients in a freezing gym, and teaching class in a cold pilates studio. The peekabo back was my favorite color pop to see my matching headband (also LLL).

Day 8

  • Tank: Lululemon No Limits Tank (Grey/Pink)
  • Pants: Lululemon Hot To Street Pants 
  • Shoes: UA Street Precision Low

What worked:  Another not favorite of the week. Separately I love these pieces, together not so much, and yet another time I wish I had black shoes! Ah! Also, these pants (discontinued) are better just for an hour long super sweaty workout rather than all day wear. I've worn these to a Core Power Yoga class and they were perfect. I ended up wearing a pair of LLL joggers (sorry no picture) to keep me warm for early morning clients.


 Day 9

What worked: Simple is always better! Less crazy patterns and pops of color. Maybe should've paired with my grey shoes but oh well! I love the cardio squad tank, it's a slightly more form fitting muscle tank. There's a few on sale if you click the link! The Wunder Under crops I'm starting to love less. I have been preferring the high waisted ones slip less. But these were a hand me down... So who can pass up free especially from Lulu!


Day 10

What worked:  As you can tell I'm overly ecstatic to be done with the challenge! I saved my brightest pair of pants for last. Along with my rarely worm Thundercats Converse, gotta go out with a bang!!! It's April 1st tomorrow and I can wear all my new spoils!! Oops! I shopped! But I made a promise to myself to not wear them till April 1. I will wrap all this up in my next blog post coming out tomorrow. So there will be no conclusion to this till the morning! If you've been with me this far reading along, thank you! Stay with me for 1 more clothing post!

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