Shop Your Closet Week 3

WEEK 3 DONE! Oh boy, this started off rough and ended rough. Outfits weren't working for me or I was just not feeling comfortable overall. 

Day 1

  • Tank: Lululemon Wandering Yogi Tank (White)
  • Pants: Lululemon Pace Rival Crops (Twiggy)
  • Shoes: UA Street Precision Low

What worked: Pretty much nothing about this outfit! I've had both of these pieces for the LONGEST time. I never had paired them together though. The purple wasn't quite my color (impulse buy due to them being on sale). The top was just so damn cute with the open back. I learned a long time ago that the top wasn't good for yoga. The halter top knot annoys the spine when laying down in shoulderstand and savasana. Along with that while I was working out (Lagree Fitness) it kept falling down and then I was convinced my pants were see- thru. 

Day 2

What worked: I LOVE these pants and their pockets, so damn functional. But I had yet to pair this with a grey shirt. And I loved it! I always stuck with basic black. 

Day 3

  • Jacket: Lululemon Precision Jacket (Green Space Dye)
  • Tank: Lululemon Circadian Tank (Blue)
  • Bra: Lululemon Free to be Wild
  • Pants: Lululemon Wunder Under Crops (Green, reversible)
  • Shoes: UA Street Precision Low

What worked: Happy St. Patty's Day! I saved my intensely green outfit just for this day. I planned this one out and was so happy and festive for the day! 

Day 4

What worked: I bought all my maroon pieces in different seasons and luckily it all matched. I specifically wore this for my Harry Potter friend during her class.

Day 5

What worked: I wore this for an outdoor fitness workshop. It was perfect. I don't like crop tops but they work so well with high waisted leggings!

Day 6

What worked: Let me just say I bought every single piece ON SALE (down to the bra)! And It all worked out so well! This is one of my favorite pairings. Cozy yet comfy!

Day 7

What worked: Ok, not my favorite combo. The high waist was TOO high and I was feeling uncomfortable. The Alo Yoga bra I paired with this isn't my favorite either. I've learned that I RARELY wear Alo. It's not very functional. 

Thoughts About The Week

I learned I did not like A LOT of things. Sadly my thoughts were "Damn I wasted money on this". But I've gotten a lot better with my shopping habits. Making sure it's something I love and will most importantly match what I already own, no more impulse buying or being Asian and saying "it's on sale!" 

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