Shop Your Closet Week 2

Week 2 down of "Shop Your Closet Challenge"! This week went a little smoother! I didn't hit many road blocks with finding outfits to match. But by the end of the week I was starting to realize I was using up all my bright colors and feeling the urge to want to buy colors but unfortunately (although fortunately) Lululemon did not get the memo to start releasing bright colors like this weeks first outfit. 

Day 1

  • Tank: Lululemon Cool Racer Back (Teal)
  • Bra: Lululemon Power Y (Teal)
  • Pants: Lululemon Wunder Under (Teal & Mantra)
  • Shoes: UA Precision Low Coral Sands

What worked: The weather was warming up and so was my outfit! Finally busted out the crops, soaked up the sun and strutted around without a jacket for once! I did go workout at sculpt50, train in the gym, and then back to teach at sculpt. 

Day 2

What worked: As I was boasting about the warmer weather, it ended up getting cooler and I was freezing teaching in the studio, hence all the layers. This outfit I loved. I don't own much red but luckily it all matches or goes together. This is where I actually wished I have the black version of these leather Under Armour Shoes just to make the outfit flow better. 

Day 3

What worked: If you haven't been able to tell yet but I LOVE Align pants and crops, I wear them all the time and anxiously awaiting new colors to come out. Now this shirt was a Poshmark find and not so badly priced! I am so happy with this find!

Day 4

What worked: This crew was what I ended up splurging on (I know I broke the no spending rule!) I bought this crew because I needed something to wear in the studio and could roll up the sleeves, be light, but still keep me warm. So, I couldn't resist it because none of my sweaters I can roll up the sleeves. Weird! Anyways, I was so hesitant to get striped leggings from K.Deer. But I fell in love with them!! Really want another pair in another color (oh, look my shopping addiction came out again!) This whole outfit is super light and perfect for sweat wicking in a hot yoga class or running out in the sun. 

Day 5

What worked: I was supporting my new job at a new studio, paired it with these cute new tights that are specifically for training. Love the mesh details, the pockets, and the cute detailed cuff. 

Day 6

What worked: I honestly threw this together because I had no effort to figure out an outfit for the day. What makes it so much easier is that these lovely bra tanks make life SO much easier, less for me to coordinate. 

Day 7

What worked: Here we go with the align crops again! I have one pair left to wear :( I cannot take full credit for this outfit, this was on the lululemon website, I thought it was too cute to not put together! I am loving the high neck tanks, very helpful for when you are teaching or working out a lot. Again bra tanks make my life so much easier!! The mesh venting in the back gives this a cute detail while the front is sweat wicking. Again this is another times I wish I had bought the black version of the shoes to make the outfit flow better.

Thoughts About The Week

As you can see I faltered and bought a sweater, I really want another pair of K.Deer stripes, and again I wanted to get the black Under Armour shoes. That'll have to wait. These are all passing wants and not a necessity. I was starting to struggle though with pairing outfits. I hate wearing so much dark colors, but that's my own thing. I'm halfway through the month and at this point I started to pre pick all my remaining outfits for the month so I wouldn't spend so much time agonizing over things matching and working. 

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