Shop Your Closet Week 1

Week 1 down of "Shop Your Closet Challenge"! I officially started on day 2 but just so happened to have taken a picture on March 1. This week started off a little rough. I knew about a few weeks going into this challenge that I kept buying on sale prints, patterns, and colors, but then nothing began to match. I also found out that I have A LOT of blues, like a sickening amount! I can't help it though, I just love it. 

But here is my week recapped for you! Along with active links for as many items that are still available. I get asked a lot about my outfits so I'm doing my best to help you all out! :)

Day 1

  • Top: Lululemon White Physically Fit Long Sleeve (Open Back)
  • Tank: Lululemon Navy Exquisite Tank
  • Pants: Lululemon Pure Practice Pants

What worked: I actually loved this as a studio look. I wish I had bought the leggings in another color rather than a pattern. 

Day 2

  • Top: Lululemon Grey Acadia Long Sleeve
  • Tank: Sculpt50 Tank (work shirt, not pictured)
  • Pants: Lululemon Hunter Green High Times Rhythm 
  • Shoes: UA Street Precision Low

What worked: This was an easy studio to gym look. The long sleeve I didn't like so much for training in, the flowy-ness of it got in the way of all the jumping, running, and dealing with weights. 

Day 3

What worked: I loved this outfit, the mesh was just enough to keep me warm, the tank was SUPER old but a goodie! Then align pants... need I say more than that? Plus the shoes give a cute street look while I was running errands between gym, studio, and back to the gym. 

Day 4

  • Jacket: Cyber Jungle Hero Blue Lululemon Precision Jacket
  • Tank: So Fly Butterfly Fatigue Lululemon Cool Racer Back
  • Pants: Lululemon Studio Pant II
  • Shoes: UA Precision Low 

What worked: I loved this super comfy relaxed look. That's pretty much it. Plain and simple. What I didn't love was that I was bright enough. I LOVE colors and I just wasn't feeling colorful enough. Sadly, LLL doesn't make Studio Pants with the big flared leg anymore, they have a more narrow leg now, but still just as cute and comfy!

Day 5

What worked: I ran from the studio to a baby shower, flawlessy. Along with the Tom's shoes and all the blue hues with my tiny pop of color. Probably my favorite outfit of the week. I had bought the Alo top a long time ago and was having trouble pairing it with pants, so it sat in my drawer for awhile till this challenge having only worn it twice before. I will re-wear this again for sure!

Day 6

What worked: I surprised myself with this combo and absolutely loved it. I have a few tops from Hot Chakras Yoga and always pair them with my K.Deer leggings, they seem to match oh so perfectly! The sweat date tank was perfect to show off the bra and pop of color! I felt sometimes that the leggings were too intense and the black was a perfect compliment.

Day 7

What worked: Pockets upon pockets! This is the perfect spring look! The bright pink (which I bought last spring) along with the compliments of grey/white and matching pink headband, cute sporty look for the whole day I as in the gym training. I also survived 6am yoga in this outfit!

Thoughts About The Week

Ok, putting a no shopping freeze on myself is so hard! I LOVE shopping and when Lululemon comes out with adorable stuff every week... it's like a giant tease! Along with the on sale sections constantly updating (every Tuesday or Friday for those curious) it's super hard to resist. But I mustered through but I did break and snagged a sweater which you will see debuted next week and the explanation of my snap. 

Anyway, to comment about my day 4 outfit, I said I wanted more color. Let me explain, I worked in a gym for about 3 years and was limited to work shirts and black pants. So, I love anything with color and patterns. But finding things that match is a struggle along with making sure my outfits don't look to drab for me. That is what I struggled with and as I put together outfits and stare at my closet, I realize this is probably a good challenge for me!

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