When/What I Do for Working Out

As a trainer who works 7 days a week, yes I work 7 days a week. I get asked a lot when on Earth do I workout. 

Funny thing is when the question is asked everyone assumes I workout all 7 days and think the level intensity is crazy. When in reality it's actually 5-6 days a week and my workouts are not as intense as people think. Also keep in mind that almost every client or group class I teach, I am doing about a quarter of their workout, to either show them or remind them of the upcoming move. 


My secret formula, for the moment, is just to remain active and setting a good example for my clients. Please realize this does tend to change on what I'm focusing on.

My Formula:

  • Sculpt50 class (Lagree Fitness Method) 2-3 times a week 

  • Yoga class 1 time a week, along with my in home practice twice a week

  • Circuit/Lifting session 2-3 times a week

If you know the Lagree Method, you know that it's a total body, high intensity, low impact, 50 minute long workout. So, my lifting/circuits are based upon what isn't insanely sore that day haha! These circuits normally are plans that I have written up for my clients. It makes it easy and less for me to think about. Every once in awhile I will do a split body workout, focusing on a certain area. 

My once a week yoga class with my awesome teacher, Jim Coughlin, of Downtown Yoga, kicks my ass every week and humbles my practice. He also gives me weekly assignments to focus on in my practice at home. Sometimes we need goals to get us on our mats or into the gym, YES, even trainers/instructors need them!

How do I make this magic formula work for me? This is the "when do I have time" question being answered. I make the time. If that means I wake up before I have clients and go take a class, that's what I do. I sometimes workout in between clients as well because let's face it, getting up when it's pitch black isn't always fun. So, I try to stay after clients to get a quick workout in or if I go home I have my TRX and home equipment to get an effective workout in. 

It is not easy sometimes, which is why going to classes, having a workout buddy, or having weekly goals. Don't forget eating helps too. Check out my ebooks for recipes and home workouts in my store to help you stay on track onto your goals!

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