March Shop Your Closet Challenge

31 days of shopping your closet, sounds easy yet hard at the same time, coupled with a shopping freeze gets even harder! I made this specifically to workout clothes, I live in them, I work 7 days a week training, these clothes are my all day outfit. Hence the spending habit, I wear them so much and I figure if I am constantly sweating in them, washing them, bring rough on them in the gym, studio, or wherever they better hold up! Enter Lululemon addiction! 

I cannot take all the credit for this, I follow @agentathletica and saw her blog post at the beginning of March wrapping up her challenge and thought "hey, that sounds like a great idea!" I messaged her and she wished me the best of luck! 

So, how did it go?

I think I did fairly, I did slow down on spending a lot (yes I broke twice, couldn't resist a sale, especially when I was in the store dropping off flyers, then I had a gift card... free money!) I did notice exactly halfway through the challenge I was trying to justify buying more shoes. I was trying to pick out an outfit one night for the following day while my boyfriend watched and asked for an update on my challenge. I was mumbling about how I couldn't find outfits to match and how I'm stupid for buying non matching stuff, damn those Lululemon sales and cute colors and prints, they make the perfect recipe for un-matching outfits. Before I started the challenge I had decided to buy more white, black, grey tops that have no prints to match everything. So, as I'm mumbling about how I have no proper shirts left I said "I need black shoes! My outfits don't match my shoes!!" He responded while rolling his eyes, "You are looking for an excuse to buy shoes." Damn he was right. Basically, I realized I needed a lot more black of everything. I used to own a lot of black, gave it all away when I was constrained to an all black uniform at a big box gym and dove head first into all the colors of the wind! 

What did I end up with left?

I had about half a dozen pants left over and WAY too many shirts. Why didn't I wear them? Short answer would be, I just don't like them. I had a few pairs of Werkshop leggings, 2 pairs of my brand name leggings for marketing purposes, a few Alo Yoga leggings, and 2 pairs of Luna Jai leggings. T-shirts... oh boy! So many pointless shirts, most of which have funny sayings on them. They are just not quite my thing... anymore. Styles fade and change all the time. Mine seems to have gone away from crazy and slowly become more neutral with pops of color. I will be giving most of my unworn items away since they are taking up so much space. 

My Spoils:

  • Lululemon Crescent Tank This tank, be warned it is shorter than the normal length of a CRB, but the knot at the front adds such a cute twist, can be worn with anything. I got it in grey (obviously) and CANNOT wait to wear it!
  • Lululemon Turn About Tank Ok, I ran into the store to buy something for my mom and ran across this tank. 2 shirts in 1! How freaking cool! I fought my hardest to not buy it in teal. I'm quite pleased, it's what I'm wearing today (April 1). 
  • Lululemon Cool Racer Back Found this in Cranberry ON SALE while spending a gift card! SNAGGED! I missed this in the Align pants and why not grab it and pair it with all my dark grey pants now (planning on wearing it with my Smooth Stride Tights tomorrow!)
  • Lululemon Glide & Stride Ok this new Virdian Green is somewhat hit and miss for me, it's very similar (color wise) to the CRB I own already, so the heathered look was a nice change and with a bra tank makes life easier! Shopper Tip: It is rumored that LLL will no longer be making bright colored clothing except for certain clothing items; bras, shorts, or pops of colors in pants. Check out Poshmark for old styles and colors!
  • Lululemon Hotty Hot Short I got these ON SALE! They are no longer on the site, and I needed to grab a pair at some point for summer. I work 7 days a week and only own 4 pairs of workout shorts, another pair was bound to end up in my shopping cart at some point. This is a new style for me and I actually like them!
  • Lululemon On The Fly Short These are to replace the Spring Breakaway Shorts that have been here for the last few spring/summer season. Honestly really sad! But, these are a nice replacement. The perfect to & from short because let's face it wearing running shorts with that liner all day long is annoying when it's 90+ degrees out
  • Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight  BRAND NEW luon arrow jacquard battleship silver spoon (longest name in the world!) Surprisingly ADORABLE! I was unsure about these and then tried them on and HOT DAMN I loved them! This was also the gift card shopping trip and was justified to buy them immediately. Wearing these today! Shopper tip: If you are like me and measuring in at a staggering 5'4" then full length leggings are WAY too long for you. I'd get the 7/8th length, it ends up being a full length pant as it is and you don't have to deal with hemming (even though it's free it may end up being too baggy at the ankle). Unless you love having the extra material around your ankle then go for it!
  • K.deer Caroline Stripes Sneaker Length They make these in a new length!!! If you read my previous post, I was itching to buy another pair of stripes (I get a trainer discount too) and LOVE this color. 
  • Lululemon Smooth Stride Tight I did not expect to be buying these on my shopping trip. I saw them online and did not like these at all. But saw them tucked in the corner of the store and thought what the hell. AND DAMMIT! Why do I do this?! I even texted my Lulu Addict friend for help... that is not something to do. HAHA I ended up getting them obviously and wearing it tomorrow!

Yes, I binged. I did however not buy everything I tried on. I thought through all my items to make sure it matched everything I owned and would wear it multiple times. 

Did I learn anything? YES! Take my damn time when shopping and think my shit through. No more impulse buying. Guarantee I will wear this and it's simple. I have too many statement pieces that I need calmer patterns. Every once in awhile I will grab a rare pattern. 

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