Love Your Body Challenge Announcement!

New Year, New Goals! Love your body and get healthy! Join an amazing group of fitness enthusiasts on a 6 week mission to be the healthiest they can be! 

What does it mean to love your body? We are going body positive! Not just on the outside but on the inside as well. Everywhere we see posts about accepting and loving our bodies just the way they are. But they forget once crucial thing in this... our internal body. Embrace how your body is! But don’t treat it like an amusement park, treat it like a temple. You have just one body, don’t destroy it. We are celebrating all that is you, while you get stronger and healthier! 

The LOVE all starts at Orientation: January 8th at 10am, inside "Prodigy Performance" 5653 Stoneridge Drive #101, Pleasanton, CA. At orientation we will start with weigh in and measurements, then you will get your welcome packet which includes your booklet with the entire guide to the challenge and 32 mouthwatering recipes. The official start is Monday, January 9th! Everything from that day will count towards a very special prize for 2 winners (1 female & 1 male). Price for the challenge is $275, includes booklet, unlimited classes, food logging/critiquing, sticker and t-shirt.

What's new about this challenge? We have an awesome series of events planned! We have mini challenges running to help keep you motivated during the 6 weeks, because let's face it, at some point you will lose steam and I'm here to keep you on track! Hurry as it's now the new year and we are going to kick things into HIGH GEAR!