Winter Athleisure

Fa la la la la.. winter is here! How can we not resist wearing warm leggings and big comfy sweaters? I am showing you my favorite athleisure pieces that keep me snuggly and comfy for every day wear or too and from class. 

Now, I live in Northern California (East Bay area outside of San Francisco) and it never really gets THAT cold. So reader be aware this is if you are in a warmer climate. I tried these outfits in late October in New York City and froze my tuchus off! Haha! I opt at this time of the year to pull out the thicker leggings.

First Look! Lululemon & Tom's

Lululemon carries at this time of the year "Brushed" or "Jacquard" leggings which have a thicker knit and material to keep you warm. Along with fun sweaters to pair with these leggings. Sweaters I normally just wear a sports bra underneath but on chillier days I throw on a tank so I don't overheat moving around a lot. These are can't go wrong pairings! Along with that I grab a pair of Tom's Del Rey sneaks to keep my toesies warm! 










Second Look! Alo Yoga & Furry Boots & Furry Pet

Alo Yoga has a GREAT winter collection! One of my favorite staples is their vests and "Moto Leggings" (which now come in two different waist bands!). This is normally my early morning training outfit. Gyms run cold and when I'm teaching this keeps me cozy, yet not restricted that I can still demonstrate moves. Pairing with fuzzy boots while running errands keeps your feet warm and dry as you run about town. 

Another great pair is not just the scarf (keep reading to find out!) But a fuzzy pal to go on fall walks with or curl up on the couch for cozy cuddle sessions! 




Third Look! The Best Accessory in the WORLD

Lululemon's "Vinyasa Scarf" I buy one every season, ever since I discovered them. They have these all year round. In the winter they come out with "Rulu" and now the new "Quilt" version of this versatile scarf. The second scarf shown is a "Rulu" version. It is a thicker material for those windy, chilly days. Again, in California, the Quilt version isn't worth here unless you live in the snow. The white, blue, and orange, scarf is from the summer and is made of an even lighter material, mainly for warmer days. 

But the best thing about this is it's an infinity scarf with the option to become anything! It unbuttons to become a long scarf, vest, shawl, shirt, whatever you want it to become! (I'll have a video/post about this soon!) Anyway back to winter... stack it high to keep your neck warm, unbutton a bit to give it shape, wear it like a regular scarf, I even use it as a hood for unexpected rain! A key to buying fun color pops from those dark clothing days... buy the bright colors in the summer when there's a plethora of them!

These are just a few of my favorite things! Because then I don't feel sooo COLD!

If you are looking for a gift for that special fitness person in your life... try out any of these! And with it being so close to Black Friday and Cyber Monday there will be plenty of deals on Alo Yoga. Also, be on the lookout for exclusive Black Friday prints and styles on Black Friday at Lululemon. Also always check out their "We Made Too Much" section out for deals on out of season pieces.