My name is Samantha and I am a yoga pant addict.

There I said it. I LOVE colorful, crazy yoga pants and shopping for them. There is so much joy in buying new pants in the latest colors and style and I can never seem to get enough!

I just recently read a post on Instagram from one of my idols @aubrymarie. She had posted it a long time ago but I was scrolling through her page and looking for some photo inspiration. I came across one with all her shoes. I read the description underneath about how she loves shoes but she gave some of them up because 20+ pairs of shoes didn't define her. She had bought a much of material things because she finally had money to spend and she thought if she didn't have all that stuff she was lacking. Having a bunch of things made her who she is. 

Her post really rang true with me. You finally get a good paying job, find things you love and just start hoarding it all and it's hard to stop. It's almost like you want to be included and accepted. That this is what makes you, you and a cool yogi/athlete. When in reality it doesn't; Your practice, your workout is enough. How you feel afterwards matters more than buying the latest style from Lululemon. Yes, I believe we shouldn't look frumpy and we want our clothes to last and look good but we don't need to rush out to grab the newest style and color. You are enough, what you have is enough :)