Yoga Medicine


Yoga really is the best medicine!

In the yogi world I always here just stand on your head, flip your perspective and it'll be better, you'll feel better. I believed it but its hard to know if it works since its on your mind and you may get "tricked" into feeling better. I didn't know how true it was till this happened to my yogini friend. 

My friend/ workout buddy/ interior designer came into my yoga class Saturday morning, stressed and upset. She still got her butt to class and practiced. She ended up going into her first headstand today! She left class feeling happier and refreshed. What she didn't know was that she was smiling all through her savasana!  Amazing how going to class even when you don't want to, you end up having a break through and leaving happier. Why I love yoga! Proud of you little yogini!!!

This yogini is a brilliant interior designer and the master mind behind my beautifully serene yoga room. To see more of her work or hire her, click the button below to link to her blog!

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