Second Chakra

Svadhisthana- 2nd Chakra

 Mantra: "I feel"

Mantra: "I feel"

  • Svadhistana means "sweetness"
  • The element it corresponds with is Water
  • Location: Lower Abdomen (right above the pubic bone)
  • Inner State: Passion
  • Color: Orange
  • Blocked by guilt
  • Effects: Sexuality, Healthy Emotion, Physical Relationships, Spontaneity, Energy, Zest for life, and Creativity
  • Planet: Moon

Opening Svadhistana

Like I mentioned before in my Root Chakra post, there are several ways to open the chakras. I will tell you my preferred way, yoga and meditation.

In Yoga, you want to focus on hip openers. Hips are our emotional junk drawer, they store all those feelings that we just refuse to feel and this just so happens to be where the second chakra lies. I caution all my clients and students that when you are doing deep hip openers you may get very emotional later. All those emotions will come flooding out and all you have to do is feel and go with the flow, don't stuff it down again. Also poses that strengthen the core, like boat pose. 

 This is a variation of pigeon pose, a hip opener

This is a variation of pigeon pose, a hip opener

If you are meditating, I highly suggest going by a body of water, ocean, lake, river or fountain. If you don't live near any of those you can meditate by a little fountain in your home or use crystals. Crystals and stones you can use are; Red Jasper, Amber, Goldstones or Moonstone. 

A mantra to repeat to yourself: 

"I feel my emotions and my pain. I reawaken my passion. I surrender to this moment."

This will help you be more open and unleash your creativity!