Hanumanasana Part 3

Recap of the Week

From last week to this week I've sort of gone up and down in progressing of the pose. I'd have good days and bad days which is normal with a practice. I could tell which days I had worked my legs a little harder in a workout or yoga. 

As you can see in the slide show I did do legs up the wall (door frame) which is a variation of the pose. Instead of using gravity to push you down and increase the splits this is actually using more muscle strength to hold you up there. It really is better on a wall than a tiny little door frame, you get more stability and something more to push into. 



Like I mentioned above splits up the wall is a variation of Hanumanasana. Another variation that I'm beginning to love is standing splits. This recruits the muscles of the legs and abdomen to hold the legs steady. The legs must stretch in two different directions and remain strong. You don't have gravity forcing you down so this pose is obviously a lot harder than on the ground. 


This brings us halfway through the month now, so only 2 more posts left about Hanumanasana. Let's see how much easier this pose gets. 




Samantha RodgersComment