Root Chakra

For the next 7 Sundays I will discuss each chakra. I grew up learning about meditation and chakras and all that "woo-woo, hippie shit" as some like to call it. This may be a new concept to many so I'll start off explaining what a chakra is. 

The Chakras are the subtle energy centers of the body. Like pinwheels, the Chakras spin at the speed of light, emanating the colors of the spectra,, each resonating with a particular frequency. These colors combine to form the auras that surround each of us, connecting us with each other and with the cosmos. There are 7 chakras in the body. Their locations correspond to regions of the body where nerves collect and electrical activity is high. The flow of energy in the Chakras can become blocked by life events. We must unblock the Chakras so they can spin freely and let the energy flow. 

Muladhara Chakra- Root Chakra

  • Muladhara means the "root". 
  • The element it corresponds with is Earth.
  • Location: Base of the spine
  • Inner state: stability, security and stillness
  • Color: Red
  • Blocked by fears
  • Effects: Courage, Stability, Security, Financial Abundance, Easy Manifestation, Success in the Physical World, Grounding, Physical Well being, Strong Survival Instincts 
  • Planet: Saturn and Earth

Opening Muladhara

  Mantra: "I am"

Mantra: "I am"

You can open or awaken the chakra in several ways. My preferred way is through yoga and meditation. There are very good guided meditations you can find on YouTube or iTunes to help you if you are brand new to meditation. 

In your own yoga practice you will want to focus on grounding poses. I mainly stick with seated poses, but any standing poses are fantastic as well. 

There is also a mudra that goes along with this chakra. A mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is an energetic seal of authenticity. Use this mudra as you are meditating and breathing. 


As you are mediating repeat this mantra to yourself: 

"I am safe. I trust more; fear less. I am centered and grounded." 

This will help you feel more grounded and connected to Mother Earth.



Please feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions at all.