Harry Potter


That's what a Harry Potter fan is called apparently. I didn't know that till my sisters told me last year that I was a Potterhead. Of course I heard "pothead" and got offended, then realized they said Potter. Ha ha! 

I love Harry Potter! Obviously, or else why would I be writing this blog post. I remember almost every time a book came out. I even remember who gave me the first book. It was my 8th birthday (1998), it had just been released in the United States. My friend gave it to me on recommendation from her mom, our school librarian. Now I'm sure my mom read it before reading it to me, but my parents read a chapter a night to me before I went to bed. I was a bookworm and could read it myself, I'm assuming this was our "family time" together. 


Whenever a book would come out my parents would rush to Costco to buy it, mom would read it as fast as she could before passing it down to me. She would read these books in a day if it was the summer. Now the funny thing about my mom when she is reading or watching tv its pretty much like you are reading/watching along with her. If something funny happened in the book she would laugh out loud, same would go with something sad or intense. As the books got more sad and intense, I kinda already knew what was happening. Like when, Buckbeak, supposedly dies in The Prisoner of Azkaban, yup I could guess what happened before I even read it, due to my mothers over expressive actions. 

On road trips we would bring the books on tape with us. The actor who read the books was Jim Dale. A lovely british man who acted out all the voices in all the proper tones, even if it was a woman's voice. Since these came out before the movies did, it really brought the books to life even more. A wonderful addition to the Harry Potter collection that never gets old listening to.


As I got older and grew up with the books and then eventually the movies. I'd go to book openings and midnight showings. I certainly remember the last book opening party. It was the summer before senior year, I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the time and my mom was out there visiting me. She picked me and my friend up from work (we worked in a performing arts theatre and got off around 11-12 at night)and drove us to Borders for the release. Everyone was dressed up, having fun, some were even crying as they began reading the book.

To those of us who were around 17-18, it was the end of an era. Harry Potter was ending/graduating when we were. We had grown up with these books and all built such a connection with these fictional characters. Over the years we had read and reread the books. Listened to the audio books, had t-shirts, all the fan gear. I even had at one point had a Harry Potter mobile hanging from my light. It was him on the Nimbus 2000, chasing a snitch. Even have Harry Potter Scene It.

Now, this April my dad is taking me and my sisters to Harry Potter World in Orlando! My sisters and I are overly excited to pick out our wands and I really want Butterbeer (alcoholic version of course!). I have a tattoo from my favorite book from the series, and my car is named Nimbus 2008. Not to mention my friend gave me a Harry Potter theme bracelet for Christmas and still own a Hogwarts shirt. I am very proudly a PotterHead. 




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