Fifth Chakra

Vishuddha- 5th Chakra

  Mantra: "I speak"

Mantra: "I speak"

  • Vishuddha means pure
  • Element: Ether/Sound
  • Location: Throat
  • Inner State: Truth
  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Blocked by Lies
  • Effects: Communication, Expression, Creativity, Harmony Between Inner and Outside Worlds, Will, Freedom, Honesty, and Openness
  • Planet: Mercury

Opening Vishuddha

In yoga, doing any supported bridges or shoulder stands help to open this chakra. Make sure you are supported all these poses and extending the back of the neck. You don't want to close off the back of the throat as you are trying to open up the front.


Like before, I suggest going outside and breathing in the fresh air. Feel the breeze on your skin. Focus on what you have been denying yourself or others. Once you accept the truth in yourself, you can voice it to others. A mantra you can also repeat: "I play in my imagination. I create my reality. I know and share my truth."



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