Balancing Gym and Yoga

Gym vs Yoga

  Photos taken by: Katelyn West

Photos taken by: Katelyn West

Why not do both? Many struggle with if they should do one over the other. In my honest opinion I believe you can do both. Have the best of both worlds! 

For me personally, I now stay away from super heavy weights and focus on bodyweight exercises. I'll use a lot of TRX, resistance bands, kettle bells and light weights. Since I don't like cardio, at all, (yes, I know I don't live up to what I tell my clients) I add in plyometrics, tabatas, and circuits to keep the heart rate up and burn calories. 


Now I'm sure you are wondering what my schedule looks like to fit it all in. Well, my time is all scheduled off so I can do everything I need to. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go to the gym at 7am with my friend and workout for an hour. Tuesday and Thursday I go to 6am yoga class. On top of it all I practice yoga everyday. For me right now, that's all my body and schedule can handle. I will admit I do take some days off from the gym or yoga because I am tired or my body really just needs the break. It is important to listen to the body on those days. No, that doesn't mean listen to your body while it's lying in bed refusing to get up. Completely guilty of that by the way! But make sure you get that appropriate rest time. If you push the body too hard you'll spend a longer time recovering not doing the things you love. 


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