Hanumanasana Part 4

  Photo Taken by: Bruce Parrish

Photo Taken by: Bruce Parrish

Sorry everyone, last week I was so busy and didn't make a post. Honestly, haven't been focusing on Hanumanasana very much. So this will be a short post and will tell you what next month's pose is.

This pose becomes difficult to me because my hamstrings are still tight in some areas and I still do a lot of working out (no heavy lifting) that it takes longer to loosen them up. I haven't given up on this pose, but it is challenging! I definitely have my good days and bad days in hanumansana. 


February's Asana

February's pose will be Eka Pada Rajakspotasana or more commonly known as King Pigeon Pose.  There are many different variations of this pose, I will show all of them and further dissect this beautiful pose.