How Sammy SAMurai came to be...


If you hadn't picked up already, I started my fitness journey as a martial artist. I began at the age of 7 in the Universal Kenpo Federation, being taught by my across the street neighbor out of his garage. Side note, he now owns and runs his own studio in Texas called, Modern American Warrior. My teacher, Mr. B. taught me for 3 years before I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In those 3 short years, I learned how to defend myself for the rest of my life. He even gave me my first bloody nose when we were sparing! I was quite proud of myself for not crying. 

Now I don't really remember what made me want to learn karate. I remember watching Mr. B. practice his katas (forms) in the front yard and every once in a while see him with a weapon. I'm guessing I thought this was very cool and wanted to learn. My mother could argue that a past life in me recognized it and wanted to learn again. Which I can't argue with really, I mean what 7 year old girl doesn't want to learn karate, and this was before Disney's Mulan came out in theaters. Yup, I can proudly say that I learned karate without the influence of a Disney movie! 

Fast forwarding a bit, I did shotokan for a bit in New Mexico. But when I came back to California my sisters had joined Tae Kwon Do and I thought I should continue on as well even if it wasn't with my original teacher. At this studio, which was mainly Tae Kwon Do, they also taught jujitsu, eskrima (philippino stick fighting) and Krav Maga. So I was learning all these different techniques and ways of fighting. I was also teaching at the time as well. 


In 2009, I received my black belt in Tae Kwon Do and pretty much stopped doing any martial arts. So when I started my own business last year I was trying to think of my "nitch." I ended up having 3 and one was Martial Arts. But what could I do with a martial arts background other than fight? Then the pieces started to come together. I had been in bad situations and in an abusive relationship for 2 and a half years and had to actually use self defense moves to help me and prevent it from escalating more. So why not teach others, especially women, how to get themselves out of those situations.

So now every couple of months I host a "Learn to Fight Zombies" self defense class. Because I am talking about real life situations and scenarios, I try to keep it as fun and light hearted as I can while teaching. 

Be on the lookout for a class coming soon!