Third Chakra

Manipura- 3rd Chakra

  Mantra: "I do"

Mantra: "I do"

  • Manipura means "city of jewels"
  • The element it corresponds with is Fire
  • Location: Solar Plexus
  • Inner state: Vitality and creative interaction 
  • Color: Yellow
  • Blocked by shame
  • Effects: Healthy ego, Self confidence, personal power, ambition, drive, sharp intellect, decisiveness, feeling in control of one's life and destiny
  • Planet: Mars and Sun

Opening Manipura

In yoga you want to focus on your core, building and strengthening it. Any boat and plank variations are perfect. But even poses like headstand/handstand that really change your core are fantastic as well. 


Our core is the center of our bodies and it must be strong to carry us through everyday life. If our core is weak, it collapses in on itself and we aren't very strong or confident. This is why it is key to always work our core in our physical and spiritual bodies. The stronger we get on the inside, the stronger we get on the outside. 


If you are meditating, I suggest lighting candles around you to emphasize the fire within you. Ignite the fire within you, is what you should focus on. A mantra you can also repeat to yourself or write somewhere you can see everyday is: "I am courageous. I am whole. I stand in my power." This will start to help you gain confidence and kick start that ambition and drive! 



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