Carl and Ellie

Off Beat Topic Tuesday

Today it really is off topic and unrelated to yoga. I was on my way to San Francisco, Friday (1/17), and I saw the most unique and heart warming sights. It was an elderly couple and for the sake of this story I am calling them Carl and Ellie, based off of Disney Pixar's Up. 

The Story

Carl and Ellie boarded the Bart train at the Fruitvale station. Ellie was walking slowly, extremely hunched over and clutching a cane. Carl was walking behind her, holding her free hand and several grocery bags in the other. He let her board first and sit down while he stood next to her. On their short train ride together Carl was stroking Ellie's hair, holding her tight and kissing her every so often as if they were a brand new couple.


At the West Oakland station she stood up and prepared herself to depart. They held each other tight and he helped her get off the train, handed her the groceries, kissed her and got back on the train. As the doors closed they watched each other through the glass, blew each other a kiss and waved goodbye. The train began to pull out of the station and Carl leaned over the seat to look out the window for one last glance at his wife. 

Now I don't know where he was headed or where she was going but it was amazing to watch these two cherish the short ride together. You could just see the amount of love that flowed between them and it reminded me so much of Carl and Ellie from Pixar's UP. I will not lie but I almost did start to tear up from watching them. It was such a sweet thing to see that I just had to share it with you all.

Love and Light,


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