To Show Skin or Not to Show Skin

When is it ok to show skin and when is it not?...

When it relates to yoga photos. 



We've all seen the beautiful Kathryn Budig in the Toe Sox ads in Yoga Journal. Some argue that its too racy or too much is showing. I find it artistic, brave and daring. But it's tasteful, nothing is out there and showing. I could not work up the guts to do anything like this. I admire her for being able to do this. 

But this brings me to the topic of today, where is the balance between showing enough skin but not revealing everything that it becomes "yoga porn." I've been torn with this when it comes to my own pictures and posts. How much should you show, how much should I not show? 

I feel like we shouldn't show too much because it does take away from the pose. It needs to be tastefully done like Ms. Budig here. She is baring all but the photographer did such a fantastic job that it doesn't draw away from the pose. You can see the beauty, strength, grace and of course the product. 

Now the picture below was taken by Robert Sturman and I just found out he got a lot of rude comments about this one photo in particular. The yogini is fully clothed but is showing a hint of butt. I understand why he got a lot of crap. But she is almost fully covered in her upper body. Here is that fine line again, is this too much skin showing or just enough? Beautiful with a hint of sexy! 


Lately I've been seeing some more racy pictures where people are showing off their bodies more than the actual poses. It becomes more showy and bragging. A "look what at my body and oh look what I can do!" In my personal opinion that's not ok, they should compliment each other. This is why I don't always show skin. I don't want to come across that way. Takes a lot of persuading for me to do something with just a sports bra on. I'm trying to find that balance and not portray the wrong image. I'm not a photographer so this will take awhile to find that balance between being covered up and showing skin while expressing a beautiful pose. 

Since I am on the subject of photography... Teaser alert! That's all I'll say ;)


Love and Light,