Rafiki the Yogi

Fun Fact Friday

Is Rafiki a yogi? 

Most people know I love Disney. I drove my mother crazy growing up with The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, I mean what kid didn't drive their parents crazy watching/listening to Disney in its greatest years. Now a common story and memory, in the summer of 1994, I was listening to The Lion King soundtrack and I held up my stuffed animal Simba in time with The Circle of Life. My parents saw,laughed and now its one of my silly stories. But, needless to say I was really into Disney.

A thing I did a lot when I was a kid was Lotus pose (padmasana). I really have no idea where I learned that pose from. My parents weren't yogis and we didn't know any yogis. It occurred to me the other night... maybe it was Disney! We've all seen the part in Lion King where Rafiki is sitting on the rock, in Lotus with his hands in a Mudra, and he tells Simba "correction I know your father." Simba then has an enlightening moment. So my assumption, Rafiki is a yogi! The infamous line, as you see below, is quite the yogi thing to say.

Lotus Rafiki.jpg

Anyway, I believe that is where I learned my very first yoga pose, good ole Rafiki showing us the way.


Bottom left: Circa 2001, at summer camp doing Lotus pose. I don't have a picture of me younger doing this pose, this is the oldest picture I could find. 

Bottom right: Summer of 2013. Nothing has changed!



"Follow your dreams, they know the way!"