Dolce Far Niente- The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

I'm sure we've all read or seen Eat Pray Love, well this scene was in both and one of my absolute favorites. Please watch it, if you can, before continuing on. 

As Luca Spaghetti points out very accurately, Americans we work to hard and get burnt out. We don't find time to relax or if we do we feel guilty about it because we feel we should be doing something productive. That is not a healthy way to live. We need to find that balance of being productive and Dolce Far Niente

I am an absolute firm believer in playing hooky or veggie on the couch watching movies or reading books. I've found though every so often you set aside that time to do something like that. In December I took a two "Dolce's", one was at the beginning of the month to a wonderfully peaceful yoga retreat. A whole weekend up in the Santa Cruz Mountains with no cell phone reception, yogis and yoga. I did not want to come home, but it was a much needed escape. The other was closer to Christmas and I spent the whole day in the city with my friend. We shopped, wandered and ate whatever we wanted. Granted that wasn't doing nothing but it was the sweetness of not having to do anything and enjoying company with my best friend. 

We live such fast paced lives we forget to stop and enjoy life. The Italians really do have that down well. Remember to slow down, take time to be with family or yourself. Head to the beach, treat yourself to a mani/pedi or a massage. It is OK to do that every once in a while, we all need it and there is definitely nothing wrong with! 


Ciao Bellas!