Welcome to Body SAMantix! 

If you haven't read the "About" yet, I suggested you head on over there to get a little understanding of who I am. But right now I'm going to set up the week for you! Since my first official post is starting on a Wednesday it'll be a little weird but we'll just go with it.

Yoga- every month I am picking a yoga pose that I will add into my daily practice. The focus and purpose of this will be to see the progression of the pose, "Practice is progress." The finer details of the pose (what muscles and bones are doing what), what you can do to make the pose more comfortable with props. Once a week I'll post the pictures from the past 7 days and we'll see what progress is made! You are more than welcome to join in on this and post and tag me. I'd love to see everyone's progress :) 

So here we go, this is what the week will look like!


Monday: "Nutritional Mondays" this will include recipes I've tried recently or anything food related.

Tuesday: "Twisty Tuesdays" you can expect something crazy and offbeat on these days. Anything from a crazy yoga pose to an article about pretty much anything. Maybe even a video of me at my quirkiest. 

Wednesday: "Yogi Days!" This is where I'll post the progression pictures that I mentioned earlier.

Thursday: "Balancing Act" How to maintain balance throughout your week. 

Friday: "Fun Fact Friday" Fun Facts about anything! 

Saturday & Sunday: "Meditation & Breathing" 


I hope you enjoy! :)


Samantha of Body SAMantix