March Shop Your Closet Challenge

31 days of shopping your closet, sounds easy yet hard at the same time, coupled with a shopping freeze gets even harder! I made this specifically to workout clothes, I live in them, I work 7 days a week training, these clothes are my all day outfit. Hence the spending habit, I wear them so much and I figure if I am constantly sweating in them, washing them, bring rough on them in the gym, studio, or wherever they better hold up! Enter Lululemon addiction! 

I cannot take all the credit for this, I follow @agentathletica and saw her blog post at the beginning of March wrapping up her challenge and thought "hey, that sounds like a great idea!" I messaged her and she wished me the best of luck! 

So, how did it go?

I think I did fairly, I did slow down on spending a lot (yes I broke twice, couldn't resist a sale, especially when I was in the store dropping off flyers, then I had a gift card... free money!) I did notice exactly halfway through the challenge I was trying to justify buying more shoes. I was trying to pick out an outfit one night for the following day while my boyfriend watched and asked for an update on my challenge. I was mumbling about how I couldn't find outfits to match and how I'm stupid for buying non matching stuff, damn those Lululemon sales and cute colors and prints, they make the perfect recipe for un-matching outfits. Before I started the challenge I had decided to buy more white, black, grey tops that have no prints to match everything. So, as I'm mumbling about how I have no proper shirts left I said "I need black shoes! My outfits don't match my shoes!!" He responded while rolling his eyes, "You are looking for an excuse to buy shoes." Damn he was right. Basically, I realized I needed a lot more black of everything. I used to own a lot of black, gave it all away when I was constrained to an all black uniform at a big box gym and dove head first into all the colors of the wind! 

What did I end up with left?

I had about half a dozen pants left over and WAY too many shirts. Why didn't I wear them? Short answer would be, I just don't like them. I had a few pairs of Werkshop leggings, 2 pairs of my brand name leggings for marketing purposes, a few Alo Yoga leggings, and 2 pairs of Luna Jai leggings. T-shirts... oh boy! So many pointless shirts, most of which have funny sayings on them. They are just not quite my thing... anymore. Styles fade and change all the time. Mine seems to have gone away from crazy and slowly become more neutral with pops of color. I will be giving most of my unworn items away since they are taking up so much space. 

My Spoils:

  • Lululemon Crescent Tank This tank, be warned it is shorter than the normal length of a CRB, but the knot at the front adds such a cute twist, can be worn with anything. I got it in grey (obviously) and CANNOT wait to wear it!
  • Lululemon Turn About Tank Ok, I ran into the store to buy something for my mom and ran across this tank. 2 shirts in 1! How freaking cool! I fought my hardest to not buy it in teal. I'm quite pleased, it's what I'm wearing today (April 1). 
  • Lululemon Cool Racer Back Found this in Cranberry ON SALE while spending a gift card! SNAGGED! I missed this in the Align pants and why not grab it and pair it with all my dark grey pants now (planning on wearing it with my Smooth Stride Tights tomorrow!)
  • Lululemon Glide & Stride Ok this new Virdian Green is somewhat hit and miss for me, it's very similar (color wise) to the CRB I own already, so the heathered look was a nice change and with a bra tank makes life easier! Shopper Tip: It is rumored that LLL will no longer be making bright colored clothing except for certain clothing items; bras, shorts, or pops of colors in pants. Check out Poshmark for old styles and colors!
  • Lululemon Hotty Hot Short I got these ON SALE! They are no longer on the site, and I needed to grab a pair at some point for summer. I work 7 days a week and only own 4 pairs of workout shorts, another pair was bound to end up in my shopping cart at some point. This is a new style for me and I actually like them!
  • Lululemon On The Fly Short These are to replace the Spring Breakaway Shorts that have been here for the last few spring/summer season. Honestly really sad! But, these are a nice replacement. The perfect to & from short because let's face it wearing running shorts with that liner all day long is annoying when it's 90+ degrees out
  • Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight  BRAND NEW luon arrow jacquard battleship silver spoon (longest name in the world!) Surprisingly ADORABLE! I was unsure about these and then tried them on and HOT DAMN I loved them! This was also the gift card shopping trip and was justified to buy them immediately. Wearing these today! Shopper tip: If you are like me and measuring in at a staggering 5'4" then full length leggings are WAY too long for you. I'd get the 7/8th length, it ends up being a full length pant as it is and you don't have to deal with hemming (even though it's free it may end up being too baggy at the ankle). Unless you love having the extra material around your ankle then go for it!
  • K.deer Caroline Stripes Sneaker Length They make these in a new length!!! If you read my previous post, I was itching to buy another pair of stripes (I get a trainer discount too) and LOVE this color. 
  • Lululemon Smooth Stride Tight I did not expect to be buying these on my shopping trip. I saw them online and did not like these at all. But saw them tucked in the corner of the store and thought what the hell. AND DAMMIT! Why do I do this?! I even texted my Lulu Addict friend for help... that is not something to do. HAHA I ended up getting them obviously and wearing it tomorrow!

Yes, I binged. I did however not buy everything I tried on. I thought through all my items to make sure it matched everything I owned and would wear it multiple times. 

Did I learn anything? YES! Take my damn time when shopping and think my shit through. No more impulse buying. Guarantee I will wear this and it's simple. I have too many statement pieces that I need calmer patterns. Every once in awhile I will grab a rare pattern. 

Thank you all for following me during journey! Follow my new instagram @fitleisuresam for Athleisure styles and posts! 



Shop Your Closet Week 4

AHHHH! Week 4 over and 3 days to spare in the month! Sprint to the finish!

Let me start off by saying, yes, I broke down and shopped (I had a gift card!!!). None of my items that I bought were worn until the very end of my challenge. To ensure I wore everything I have owned. I ended up with A LOT of extra shirts, most printed shirts which I wear for certain occasions. And a handful of leggings, I will wrap this all up in the following blog post.

Day 1

What worked:  First off, I hate the picture I took on the right :( but love the one on the left! I normally pair my promotional tee with plain black leggings to make it pop more. That day unfortunately it was pouring rain and I had my hand me down jacket/vest from my client. It was a decently cute ensemble!

Day 2

What worked: A sunny day after the rain! So had to JUMP into the sun for this picture. I LOVE the print of the pants but I bought in a size 2 (normally a 4 in leggings). The bra is more of a crop and is sometimes uncomfortable to wear with a shirt over it. Both those items were impulse on sale purchases (again like I mentioned in my last post, I have to stop doing that! Because these weren't the right size and the bra should've been thought out more). I always pair these two together but with a black shirt (again, never realized how often I wear black shirts) but white works just as well!

Day 3

  • Tank: Lululemon Flow and Go Tank (Blue)
  • Pants: Lululemon High Times Tech Mesh (Star Crushed Coal)

What worked: Two prized pieces of mine! The mesh pants are actually my second pair, my sister stole my flat black ones and bought me my replacements (seen below). The tank I LOVE, but my only issue is the halter neck top, pulls a lot on my neck and gets uncomfortable, so during my off hours I remove the strap. I actually never pair these two together and was decently impressed with it. Might've gone for a different top another time.

Day 4

What worked: Studio pants... need I say more! My second pair I bought on sale right before this challenge. I waited 4 years to finally buy another pair! I do size down to a 2 for these so I don't swim in them too much. Purple isn't quite my color but I love this dark cherry/magenta. And just like they are named, they are perfect for the studio! I wore them to teach 4 classes at Sculpt50 and was comfy as hell! These are not the lined ones because I will layer these instead. Now for the top... Alo yoga, I am not impressed with your Forever 21 quality tops for the price of Lululemon. Most of the shirts I have gotten from them fall apart or hems are totally uneven. What a waste! But this simple shirt with mesh adds some fun to the pants and transitioned into an out to dinner shirt. 

Day 5

What worked: Not my favorite tank. I saw all the Alo yoga girls wearing these and they looked so cute and stylish... on them. Not too hot about it on me. I don't know why but it just wasn't doing it for me, it always sits at the bottom of my drawer. I normally pair this with the Alo Yoga bra (also a bad option) but the LLL bras are a much better option here. I can't argue about my leggings except my dog is shedding and I had hair ALL over me! This was also another instance that I wish I had black shoes...  hmmmm.

Day 6

What worked: This was my "it's Monday, I'm cold, I don't GIVE A F*CK" Outfit. The leggings are Luon and felt slightly warmer and cozy. My top I thought I bought in a 2... was a 4. Just too big for me (tanks that don't have a bra in it I size down to a 2 for a less swimming look). The bra I just picked up randomly without much thought. Can you tell it was a Monday? I threw on my white crew and white vest (which I hadn't worn in awhile and also because it's hard to pair with all the blue I own). And here you have my sloppy yoga/pilates look. Separetlye I love all these pieces, just not together.

Day 7

What worked: Ok, I cheated. I had worn the tank and pants before. But hadn't paired this fleecey sweater with it. Perfect for 6am yoga, training clients in a freezing gym, and teaching class in a cold pilates studio. The peekabo back was my favorite color pop to see my matching headband (also LLL).

Day 8

  • Tank: Lululemon No Limits Tank (Grey/Pink)
  • Pants: Lululemon Hot To Street Pants 
  • Shoes: UA Street Precision Low

What worked:  Another not favorite of the week. Separately I love these pieces, together not so much, and yet another time I wish I had black shoes! Ah! Also, these pants (discontinued) are better just for an hour long super sweaty workout rather than all day wear. I've worn these to a Core Power Yoga class and they were perfect. I ended up wearing a pair of LLL joggers (sorry no picture) to keep me warm for early morning clients.


 Day 9

What worked: Simple is always better! Less crazy patterns and pops of color. Maybe should've paired with my grey shoes but oh well! I love the cardio squad tank, it's a slightly more form fitting muscle tank. There's a few on sale if you click the link! The Wunder Under crops I'm starting to love less. I have been preferring the high waisted ones slip less. But these were a hand me down... So who can pass up free especially from Lulu!


Day 10

What worked:  As you can tell I'm overly ecstatic to be done with the challenge! I saved my brightest pair of pants for last. Along with my rarely worm Thundercats Converse, gotta go out with a bang!!! It's April 1st tomorrow and I can wear all my new spoils!! Oops! I shopped! But I made a promise to myself to not wear them till April 1. I will wrap all this up in my next blog post coming out tomorrow. So there will be no conclusion to this till the morning! If you've been with me this far reading along, thank you! Stay with me for 1 more clothing post!


Shop Your Closet Week 3

WEEK 3 DONE! Oh boy, this started off rough and ended rough. Outfits weren't working for me or I was just not feeling comfortable overall. 

Day 1

  • Tank: Lululemon Wandering Yogi Tank (White)
  • Pants: Lululemon Pace Rival Crops (Twiggy)
  • Shoes: UA Street Precision Low

What worked: Pretty much nothing about this outfit! I've had both of these pieces for the LONGEST time. I never had paired them together though. The purple wasn't quite my color (impulse buy due to them being on sale). The top was just so damn cute with the open back. I learned a long time ago that the top wasn't good for yoga. The halter top knot annoys the spine when laying down in shoulderstand and savasana. Along with that while I was working out (Lagree Fitness) it kept falling down and then I was convinced my pants were see- thru. 

Day 2

What worked: I LOVE these pants and their pockets, so damn functional. But I had yet to pair this with a grey shirt. And I loved it! I always stuck with basic black. 

Day 3

  • Jacket: Lululemon Precision Jacket (Green Space Dye)
  • Tank: Lululemon Circadian Tank (Blue)
  • Bra: Lululemon Free to be Wild
  • Pants: Lululemon Wunder Under Crops (Green, reversible)
  • Shoes: UA Street Precision Low

What worked: Happy St. Patty's Day! I saved my intensely green outfit just for this day. I planned this one out and was so happy and festive for the day! 

Day 4

What worked: I bought all my maroon pieces in different seasons and luckily it all matched. I specifically wore this for my Harry Potter friend during her class.

Day 5

What worked: I wore this for an outdoor fitness workshop. It was perfect. I don't like crop tops but they work so well with high waisted leggings!

Day 6

What worked: Let me just say I bought every single piece ON SALE (down to the bra)! And It all worked out so well! This is one of my favorite pairings. Cozy yet comfy!

Day 7

What worked: Ok, not my favorite combo. The high waist was TOO high and I was feeling uncomfortable. The Alo Yoga bra I paired with this isn't my favorite either. I've learned that I RARELY wear Alo. It's not very functional. 

Thoughts About The Week

I learned I did not like A LOT of things. Sadly my thoughts were "Damn I wasted money on this". But I've gotten a lot better with my shopping habits. Making sure it's something I love and will most importantly match what I already own, no more impulse buying or being Asian and saying "it's on sale!" 

Shop Your Closet Week 2

Week 2 down of "Shop Your Closet Challenge"! This week went a little smoother! I didn't hit many road blocks with finding outfits to match. But by the end of the week I was starting to realize I was using up all my bright colors and feeling the urge to want to buy colors but unfortunately (although fortunately) Lululemon did not get the memo to start releasing bright colors like this weeks first outfit. 

Day 1

  • Tank: Lululemon Cool Racer Back (Teal)
  • Bra: Lululemon Power Y (Teal)
  • Pants: Lululemon Wunder Under (Teal & Mantra)
  • Shoes: UA Precision Low Coral Sands

What worked: The weather was warming up and so was my outfit! Finally busted out the crops, soaked up the sun and strutted around without a jacket for once! I did go workout at sculpt50, train in the gym, and then back to teach at sculpt. 

Day 2

What worked: As I was boasting about the warmer weather, it ended up getting cooler and I was freezing teaching in the studio, hence all the layers. This outfit I loved. I don't own much red but luckily it all matches or goes together. This is where I actually wished I have the black version of these leather Under Armour Shoes just to make the outfit flow better. 

Day 3

What worked: If you haven't been able to tell yet but I LOVE Align pants and crops, I wear them all the time and anxiously awaiting new colors to come out. Now this shirt was a Poshmark find and not so badly priced! I am so happy with this find!

Day 4

What worked: This crew was what I ended up splurging on (I know I broke the no spending rule!) I bought this crew because I needed something to wear in the studio and could roll up the sleeves, be light, but still keep me warm. So, I couldn't resist it because none of my sweaters I can roll up the sleeves. Weird! Anyways, I was so hesitant to get striped leggings from K.Deer. But I fell in love with them!! Really want another pair in another color (oh, look my shopping addiction came out again!) This whole outfit is super light and perfect for sweat wicking in a hot yoga class or running out in the sun. 

Day 5

What worked: I was supporting my new job at a new studio, paired it with these cute new tights that are specifically for training. Love the mesh details, the pockets, and the cute detailed cuff. 

Day 6

What worked: I honestly threw this together because I had no effort to figure out an outfit for the day. What makes it so much easier is that these lovely bra tanks make life SO much easier, less for me to coordinate. 

Day 7

What worked: Here we go with the align crops again! I have one pair left to wear :( I cannot take full credit for this outfit, this was on the lululemon website, I thought it was too cute to not put together! I am loving the high neck tanks, very helpful for when you are teaching or working out a lot. Again bra tanks make my life so much easier!! The mesh venting in the back gives this a cute detail while the front is sweat wicking. Again this is another times I wish I had bought the black version of the shoes to make the outfit flow better.

Thoughts About The Week

As you can see I faltered and bought a sweater, I really want another pair of K.Deer stripes, and again I wanted to get the black Under Armour shoes. That'll have to wait. These are all passing wants and not a necessity. I was starting to struggle though with pairing outfits. I hate wearing so much dark colors, but that's my own thing. I'm halfway through the month and at this point I started to pre pick all my remaining outfits for the month so I wouldn't spend so much time agonizing over things matching and working. 

Shop Your Closet Week 1

Week 1 down of "Shop Your Closet Challenge"! I officially started on day 2 but just so happened to have taken a picture on March 1. This week started off a little rough. I knew about a few weeks going into this challenge that I kept buying on sale prints, patterns, and colors, but then nothing began to match. I also found out that I have A LOT of blues, like a sickening amount! I can't help it though, I just love it. 

But here is my week recapped for you! Along with active links for as many items that are still available. I get asked a lot about my outfits so I'm doing my best to help you all out! :)

Day 1

  • Top: Lululemon White Physically Fit Long Sleeve (Open Back)
  • Tank: Lululemon Navy Exquisite Tank
  • Pants: Lululemon Pure Practice Pants

What worked: I actually loved this as a studio look. I wish I had bought the leggings in another color rather than a pattern. 

Day 2

  • Top: Lululemon Grey Acadia Long Sleeve
  • Tank: Sculpt50 Tank (work shirt, not pictured)
  • Pants: Lululemon Hunter Green High Times Rhythm 
  • Shoes: UA Street Precision Low

What worked: This was an easy studio to gym look. The long sleeve I didn't like so much for training in, the flowy-ness of it got in the way of all the jumping, running, and dealing with weights. 

Day 3

What worked: I loved this outfit, the mesh was just enough to keep me warm, the tank was SUPER old but a goodie! Then align pants... need I say more than that? Plus the shoes give a cute street look while I was running errands between gym, studio, and back to the gym. 

Day 4

  • Jacket: Cyber Jungle Hero Blue Lululemon Precision Jacket
  • Tank: So Fly Butterfly Fatigue Lululemon Cool Racer Back
  • Pants: Lululemon Studio Pant II
  • Shoes: UA Precision Low 

What worked: I loved this super comfy relaxed look. That's pretty much it. Plain and simple. What I didn't love was that I was bright enough. I LOVE colors and I just wasn't feeling colorful enough. Sadly, LLL doesn't make Studio Pants with the big flared leg anymore, they have a more narrow leg now, but still just as cute and comfy!

Day 5

What worked: I ran from the studio to a baby shower, flawlessy. Along with the Tom's shoes and all the blue hues with my tiny pop of color. Probably my favorite outfit of the week. I had bought the Alo top a long time ago and was having trouble pairing it with pants, so it sat in my drawer for awhile till this challenge having only worn it twice before. I will re-wear this again for sure!

Day 6

What worked: I surprised myself with this combo and absolutely loved it. I have a few tops from Hot Chakras Yoga and always pair them with my K.Deer leggings, they seem to match oh so perfectly! The sweat date tank was perfect to show off the bra and pop of color! I felt sometimes that the leggings were too intense and the black was a perfect compliment.

Day 7

What worked: Pockets upon pockets! This is the perfect spring look! The bright pink (which I bought last spring) along with the compliments of grey/white and matching pink headband, cute sporty look for the whole day I as in the gym training. I also survived 6am yoga in this outfit!

Thoughts About The Week

Ok, putting a no shopping freeze on myself is so hard! I LOVE shopping and when Lululemon comes out with adorable stuff every week... it's like a giant tease! Along with the on sale sections constantly updating (every Tuesday or Friday for those curious) it's super hard to resist. But I mustered through but I did break and snagged a sweater which you will see debuted next week and the explanation of my snap. 

Anyway, to comment about my day 4 outfit, I said I wanted more color. Let me explain, I worked in a gym for about 3 years and was limited to work shirts and black pants. So, I love anything with color and patterns. But finding things that match is a struggle along with making sure my outfits don't look to drab for me. That is what I struggled with and as I put together outfits and stare at my closet, I realize this is probably a good challenge for me!

When/What I Do for Working Out

As a trainer who works 7 days a week, yes I work 7 days a week. I get asked a lot when on Earth do I workout. 

Funny thing is when the question is asked everyone assumes I workout all 7 days and think the level intensity is crazy. When in reality it's actually 5-6 days a week and my workouts are not as intense as people think. Also keep in mind that almost every client or group class I teach, I am doing about a quarter of their workout, to either show them or remind them of the upcoming move. 


My secret formula, for the moment, is just to remain active and setting a good example for my clients. Please realize this does tend to change on what I'm focusing on.

My Formula:

  • Sculpt50 class (Lagree Fitness Method) 2-3 times a week 

  • Yoga class 1 time a week, along with my in home practice twice a week

  • Circuit/Lifting session 2-3 times a week

If you know the Lagree Method, you know that it's a total body, high intensity, low impact, 50 minute long workout. So, my lifting/circuits are based upon what isn't insanely sore that day haha! These circuits normally are plans that I have written up for my clients. It makes it easy and less for me to think about. Every once in awhile I will do a split body workout, focusing on a certain area. 

My once a week yoga class with my awesome teacher, Jim Coughlin, of Downtown Yoga, kicks my ass every week and humbles my practice. He also gives me weekly assignments to focus on in my practice at home. Sometimes we need goals to get us on our mats or into the gym, YES, even trainers/instructors need them!

How do I make this magic formula work for me? This is the "when do I have time" question being answered. I make the time. If that means I wake up before I have clients and go take a class, that's what I do. I sometimes workout in between clients as well because let's face it, getting up when it's pitch black isn't always fun. So, I try to stay after clients to get a quick workout in or if I go home I have my TRX and home equipment to get an effective workout in. 

It is not easy sometimes, which is why going to classes, having a workout buddy, or having weekly goals. Don't forget eating helps too. Check out my ebooks for recipes and home workouts in my store to help you stay on track onto your goals!

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